Hello Bishop Paul,
Growing up Catholic, we have often forgotten the meaning of the sacraments.  is there a one or two sentence explanation for why we receive each sacrament.  I was at the Bonnyville First Communion and Confirmation this May and enjoyed your explanation of why we receive the sacraments and would appreciate how to explain them to our students.  Thank you.  R

Hi R,
Well, as a teacher you will know that for some students or young people, a short -- couple of sentences answer may be fine at the moment or for awhite.  However, with more life experiences, both good and bad, they are going to need deeper and more contextualized answers to accompany their growing faith.  I think that the best catechetical resource for those teaching remains the YOUCAT or Youth Catechism.  It's a yellow and farly small book with plenty of pictures and is in Q & A format.  Julie Chorney or the librarian of the school should be able to get you one.  I have not found anything better for both teachers and students.  By the way, you or any students are always welcome to email me directly with questions.  I love the worlds of education and am always happy to "jump in" and try to answer any requests.
Thanks for asking and all the best, † Bishop Paul