[Question] hello.  My public school has informed me that they are bringing in a straight gay alliance program.  A couple years ago i remember you had said a homily on the topic.  My question is, what do i think and what should i do about it.  Thank you.  Jayden


Hello Jayden,

Thank you for your question.

You say that your "public school" has announced that they are bringing in a "straight gay alliance" program which I supose is the same as the GSA or Gay Striaght Alliance and which the amended Bill 10 and the Ministry of Education are insisting on, for all schools of the province.

Legally they now have the right to do this in Alberta.

And so your question is "what do I think or do about this"?

Well, you are (I suppose) a Catholic student in a public school and therefore you should respect the right of the students and the school to provide this service of a "GSA" program for anyone who wants it.

However, you are also asking for advice (I suppose) as a Catholic student in this situation.

Therefore, first of all, as a Catholic bishop, I remind you that according to our catechism, we are to always respect and recognize the rights of people of same-sex orientation (or other forms of) and so in a public school, accepting GSA is normal.  Of course, participation in them is voluntary so that you can be respectful without having to belong to one.

My understanding is that GSAs are to deal with and to prevent bully-ing because of sexual orientation.  In this sense, they are not a problem for Catholics.

However, if GSAs are, or become, a means of promoting or spreading a same-sex or LGBT life-style then they become problematic for a Catholic and I would think also, for many who are not Catholic.

Jayden, I hope this is useful for you and again I thank you for the question.