Hello your excellency.  We claim as Catholics that we have the Church that was founded by Jesus.  The Eastern Orthodox Church also claim this.  Through my studies I have concluded that no other Christian denominations can be corrected, but for some reason I don't know which claim is true, the East or the West. Thank you for your time

Hello J, and thank you for your question; the answer can come from clarifying or re-stating your question.  It not about 'either or' between the Catholic and Eastern Churches but really about understanding how both are where the Church of Christ abides or resides.  You mention your studies and so perhaps you have noticed that for practically 10 centuries there was no divide or official separation between the Eastern and Western «churches». Until then, although there were often tensions, everyone recognized and accepted the primacy and leadership of the successor of Peter, the bishop of Rome.  But since the divide or schism, our Catholic  understanding  is that while the fullness of church life exists (subsists) in the Catholic Church, the Easter Churches are also sister churches and as such have the valid apostolic succession and the same sacraments as Catholics.  The document «Domus Jeusus» of the Congregation for doctrine and faith explains all this very well.  Blessings, +bishop Paul