Well, my mother and her family were all non-Catholic and members of various so-called Protestant churches, so I might have become a Protestant. However, my mother after much thought and prayer and a couple of years after my parents were married, decided to become herself, a Catholic.

She did this after a series of discussions and guided readings with a parish priest. She later told me and my brother and sisters that she learned that all who recognized Jesus Christ, as Lord and Saviour are Christians and therefore not excluded from eternal salvation, which for us kids was great because half of our family weren’t Catholic. However, she also learned that within Christianity not all denominations or ‘churches’ shared the full sacramental gifts of Christ to help us enter eternal life. Specifically, not all share the sacrament of the Eucharist or Mass which is how Christ gives his own life to us while we are still journeying in this life and to strengthen us for an eternal life with him. My mum always said it was because of the Eucharist that she became Catholic but that also, before that the faith and prayer life of my dad’s family had greatly moved and encouraged her.

So I am a Catholic initially by family circumstance but as an adult I remain a Catholic because, among other things, I too discovered Mass and the Eucharist.