First, is to personally know our Lord Jesus Christ and secondly, is to share and witness that acquaintance with the people of the diocese.

I begin with this, because it really is the basic and most important part of my life and work as a bishop. It is never ending, very exciting as well as challenging but also renewing each day!

From the Gospels we see that Jesus was, at the same time, a shepherd, a prophet and a priest and so every bishop also has these 3 focuses or dimensions to his work within the diocese entrusted to his care.

A bishop is priest as he celebrates the sacraments for the people but also, and especially, when he prays for and with his people.

A bishop is a prophet as he teaches and explains the faith  and how to live it here, today, for his people.

A bishop is a shepherd as he provides priests and deacons and lay ministers for the parishes and also when he cares for and coordinates the material needs of the clergy, parishes and diocese.

As you can image, being a bishop is a full-time “job” but it is a wonderful adventure too. Just like being a Catholic Christian is a full-time “job”. It involves knowing and loving Jesus Christ today, with the people around me.