Hi, this is Nick, i just got confirmed with you in St. Paul and i was wondering why your wear such a big white hat and pink hat.  Also for what reason do you remove your hats and put them back on during church.

Hi, this is arielle nick's younger sister and i wanted to know why there is no sunday school during easter.


Hello Nick and thank you for the question which I bet lots of young people wonder about.  My 3 year old grand-nephew, Sam, when he saw me with it, said, "Uncle Paul, that's a crazy hat!"

In the Bible, the letter to the Hebrews speaks of our Lord Jesus as the new high priest of the New Covenant and the high priests in ancient Israel wore a ceremonial hat called a mitre.  Bishops who are, in a sense, the 'high priest' of a diocese therefore also wear the mitre for solemn liturgies or celebrations.

As to how it is worn or used, that is indicated by a book called the "Ceremonial of Bishops" which tells us how to do religous celebrations.  Basically it says that the mitre is used for processions, when we give blessings or preach and when we are seated.

As to the 'pink hat', it is a skull-cap and as far as I know it originated as a little cap to keep the head warm while praying in big cool churches often at night.  It was worn by all the clergy praying in former times but had diffirent colours to distinguish who was a priest, a bishop, a cardinal or the pope.  So the 'pink' or rose colour is for bishops.

And 'hello' to you too, Arielle!  I don't know all the details of your Sunday School schedule but I suspect that the reason that it stops for Easter is that there are not enough volunteers to keep it running since so many are on vacation with their families.

Thank you both for your questions and ask anytime.  You are most welcome!