Hello Mario,

Our Catholic faith recognizes that God is One and that there is therefore, only one God.
However, this does not mean that there is but one religion.

The Vatican ll Council document "Lumen Gentium" explains very well the relationships between Catholicism and other religions.
It points out that, either directly or indirectly, all religions tend to lead ultimately to the one God.

To ponder more deeply this question it also helps to recognize that religions are either the result of what people can, by thinking and observing, discover about God or they result from what God has revealed/spoken about Himself and us.

The Vatican ll document mentioned teaches that there are three great religions which have derived from what God has revealed namely, Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

So you see this is a very interesting and important question you have asked.  I hope you continue pondering such questions but especially I hope that you pray to God so as to come to know Him more and more.