I went on the website for St. Joseph Seminary and it didn't give me all the information I would like on the topic of the "come and see weekend".  I was wondering if maybe you could give me more info on the topic.  Like if you stay for a couple of hours or if you stay there for the whole weekend.  Things like that.  Thank you for your time.  Jayden

Hello jayden and thanks for the questions.

The "Come and See" goes from Friday evening after supper and ends after lunch on Sunday and is a 'live-in' experience in the seminary.  So you get to see something of the typical seminary day as well as interact with seminarians and the priest formators.  There are also presentations and panels and question/answer sessions as well as recreational activities.
It is rated an enjoyable week-end whether or not one ends up entering the seminary.

There will be more information on-line as the date in November gets closer.

Hope this helps!