Christian Marriage is

a journey of committed

love between a man and a woman undertaken for life.

The Church, as a community of believers in Jesus,

truly desires that each couple who marries in

the Church, has a happy marriage

leading to fullness of life.

The Church supports engaged couples in their

decision to marry by offering a

Marriage Preparation Course.

Diocese of St. Paul

St. Paul, AB


Aims of the Marriage Preparation Course

A man and a woman considering marriage are invited to participate in this course to identify the motives as to why they wish to marry at this time, examine their unique relationship, clarify their beliefs and deepen their sense of Christian marriage. It is hoped that each couple will be better equipped for married life and that their faith, hope and love will be strengthened. You will also fraternize with other couples who are living a similar project.

To register for a weekend in St. Edouard, Morinville  and Fort McMurray 

2019-Marriage Preparation Registration Form