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Welcome to the Youth Office. This office seeks to help young people assume their full and rightful place in the Church, as participants in its three-fold mission: to proclaim the good news of salvation; offer itself up as a group of people transformed by the Spirit into a community of faith, hope and love; and to bring God's justice and love to others through service in its individual, social, and political dimensions."

The three goals of youth ministry flow from this three-fold mission of the Church:



Youth ministry works to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.


Youth ministry seeks to draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the faith community.


Youth ministry empowers young people to become disciples of Jesus Christ who witness to their faith by living and working for justice, peace and human dignity.

What can the Diocesan Office of youth Ministry do for You?

1.  The Office of Youth Ministry is here to provide vision, leadership and advocacy for the spiritual and professional formation of those who serve youth and young adults in the Diocese of St. Paul.

2.  Along with providing support to parishes and schools who want to further develop their existing youth program; we are also eager to assist parishes and schools commence youth programs.

3.  Training and resources are availavble for the development of a comprehensive vision of Youth Ministry to adult coordinators, youth leaders, volunteers, leaders in parishes, parents and schools for the youth and young adults.

4.  The Diocesan Office of Youth Ministry offers, to the youth and young adults of the diocese, an opportunity to experience the 'Diocesan Church' by forms of gatherings, conferences, rallies, retreats, pilgrimages, World Youth Day as well as national and international retreats, conferences and pilgrimages.

Camp. St. Louis Is a Catholic summer camp located within the Diocese of St. Paul. It is dedicated to fostering the faith in our youth. We do that through many faith-filled presentations, activities, games, fellowship, and the sacraments. Though we are specifically Catholic, we welcome all to our camp.

Triumph in the Cross is an annual Youth Rally held every September.  Youth and Young Adults from across the diocese meet with their peers to celebrate and challenge themselves in their faith through a dynamic day of fun and fellowship.  Some of the best local and international youth speakers are brought in to encourage and inspire.

One Rock

Is a vibrant faith-filled Christian festival for young adult and their families.  It is a time wher we come together, away from the noise of the world, to make a noise for GOD!

The event is focused on young adults, across Alberta, between the ages of 17 - 35, who are in ther formative stages of life.  John Paul II called modern culture a culture of death.  One Rock aims to help young adults learn to fight this; to battle the growing onslought of religious indifference, the spread of secularism, the ascent of atheism, the rise of relativism, and the sexualization of our culture.  which means we have to be counter-cultural and what better way to be counter-cultural than to come together in the open and "proclaim from the housetops."

One Rock is held in August every year. (August 11 - 13, 2017)