The Youth Office serves as a support and resource pool for youth ministry and young adult ministry across the diocese. Feel free to call the youth office for more information. Listed below are some excellent resources and sites that you can look up as well.

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Kraków, Poland
July 19 - August 1, 2016




Marilyn Shapka

It is a delight to begin this new role as a Director, Office of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of St. Paul, Alberta. Born and raised here in the heart of the diocese, I have been involved in youth ministry for over eight years. I am passionate about the future of the youth and the role that they play in building Christ’s Kingdom. I am willingly offering myself as an advocate for young people in whatever capacity I can.

Whether you have a vibrant and active youth ministry program or if you are starting from scratch, please count on me to assist you with your needs. I will strive to serve our diocese in building up the faith of our youth and young adults by challenging them to be authentic witnesses of the gospel.

I have an open door policy and welcome your input of any kind or even just to chat about youth ministry activities. I am humbled and grateful to be working in youth ministry for the diocese and joyfully look forward to meet and serve you.

May the Peace of Christ reign in your hearts!

Director, Office of Youth Ministry,
Diocese of St. Paul, Alberta

4410-51 Avenue
St. Paul, Alberta T0A 3A2

(780) 645-3277 ext 25
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